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How to keep your cat flea free

March 14, 2017

Five steps to avoiding cat fleas

Spring is coming, bringing all sorts of new life in Christchurch – but not all of it is welcome.

Unfortunately, one lifecycle to emerge is that of the flea… but, luckily for cats and owners, Best Friends has come up with a list of tips to help you protect against the little biters.

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Meanwhile, here are five top tips to staying flea free…

  1. Kill existing fleas
    There are many flea-fighting products, so it’s important to understand what’s available and suitable for cats.
    1. spot-on treatments – These kill fleas and can stop eggs from hatching.
    2. Sprays – Some are effective, others less so. We only stock the best, so speak to us to find out which one would suit your pet’s lifestyle.
    3. Shampoos – These are not the most effective approach – the impact only lasts a day or two.
  2. Control the problem
    How do you maintain a flea-less cat?
    1. Tablets – Quick and convenient control. To find out if one of these products may suit your pet, give us a call.
    2. Injections – We can give your cat an injection every six months to help stop the flea life cycle.
  3. De-flea your home
    Up to 95% of the flea population at any time is in the home, not on your pet. Sprayscan be used on carpets and soft furnishings, killing the adult fleas, larvae and developing eggs.
  4. Stop the neighbours
    Other cat owners may not be so vigilant at controlling fleas, so a friendly cat entering your cat flap may spread fleas without you knowing. Microchip-activated cat flaps will only allow your own cat into your home.
  5. Be observant and responsible
    • If your cat is scratching a lot, has hair loss, a skin problem or is losing weight, it’s wise to come for a check-up with Stefan and the team.
    • Fleas can affect animals all year round.
    • Be careful with dosage – kittens need smaller amounts; and never use extra just because you’ve seen more fleas, as it could be harmful.

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